About Tea For T’Arts Tea Room

Tupelo, MS Lunch

Learn more about our staff and how Tea For T’Arts Tea Room got its start. Come enjoy our charming atmosphere and delicious tea for yourself by stopping by 307 West Main St. or call us at 662-269-2108 to make reservations.

Complete staff:

  • Kitchen Manager: Charlcy Ray
  • Assistant Business Manager: Christina Dorough
  • Business Manager: Ashley Chambers
  • Owner: Virginia Chambers

From vision to reality

Virginia Chambers started off selling antique linens and teaching lectures on how to take care of your linens. She had been invited to decorate and supply linen wash to several tea rooms in and around Virginia. She is a participating Board Member of Tupelo Ballet, currently and a Board Member of GumTree Museum of Art for 3 years.

Upon moving to Tupelo, Mississippi, Virginia opened His Hers Antiques and Collectibles. It was always her dream to include a tea room in her antique shop.

Her dream has come true and not only does she have a fabulous tea room but also wonderful community support for the arts. For more information about our tea room or about what downtown Tupelo has to offer – call us today!







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